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Is Your Job Putting You at Risk?

Abuse and attacks on UK shop workers rises to 1,300 incidents a day – the worrying headline this morning on the BBC website. The number of incidents against staff rose by 50% in the year to September 2023, compared to 870 the previous year.

More concerning, about 8,800 of the total across the year resulted in injury.

So, the question is, are you safe at work and are your employers doing all they can to protect you – especially if you find yourself working alone.

Working alone – but safely

Using a lone worker device has been the optimal solution for monitoring workers with increased or critical hazards for decades. It reliably protects lone workers from risks before it is too late.

In an emergency, seconds can make all the difference

In the event of a an assault the first few minutes can often be decisive for consequential damage or survival. Especially people who work alone are exposed to life-threatening dangers, depending on their work task.

With a lone worker alarm, you reliably protect your employees from risks at the lone worker workplace and at the same time fulfil your supervisory duty as an entrepreneur.

lone worker safety

From a call for help to a reaction in seconds

One careless step, one wrong move and it happens! Especially for employees who work out of earshot and sight of other colleagues, additional protection in case of accidents or medical emergencies is essential.

If employees feel threatened or attacked, or if health problems suddenly arise, the emergency signal is triggered by actively pressing the SOS button.

In the event of an accident or fall, a lone worker device recognises the atypical position or inertia by means of special sensors and immediately sends out a call for help. At the same time, the exact location is transmitted.

In order to prevent further endangerment of the employees, the emergency call is made silently in both situations. Depending on the preset preference, the call signal is terminated by phone call, SMS, e-mail and/or via a certified service centre.

For assault or robbery situations, a discreet alarm can be initiated by employees by pressing a button or shaking their arm if the device is a watch. In order to prevent further endangerment of the employees, the emergency call is made silently by the ARC monitoring team – they will listen to the situation, assess the threat and then escalate to the right emergency service and the management team.

Don’t take any risks with your safety or the safety of your staff – the stats don’t lie!

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you about your options. Contact the team at Almas Industries today on 0333 567 77 99 (UK) / 01 68 333 68 (IRE) or email us: [email protected]

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