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Man Down SOS Alarm
Entry-level compact fall and personal alarm. Wristband or lanyard option available.
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This is Marie.


She works in domiciliary care and regularly travels to rural areas to visit people in their homes. Like many employees, Marie is a lone worker. 


She is exposed to multiple risks as an isolated care worker.


Working as an isolated care worker means she is exposed to risks such as theft, facing aggression from a patient, being accosted by people on the street in quiet areas, and having to park in unlit, isolated areas where she could be attacked.


Because of the nature of her work, Marie needs a personal alarm that is robust and equipped with geolocation and two-way audio.


Thanks to her SOS Alarm, Marie can trigger an alert whenever she has had an incident, be geolocated and receive assistance. 


Ensure the safety of your lone workers with the SOS Alarm.

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An entry-level personal alarm, safeguarding the individual in emergency situations by tracking their location if they send an alert, have a fall, or lack of movement. This device provides the option for a discreet or loud alarm. This is a self-monitored device, it cannot be connected to a 24/7 monitored ARC. Alerts must be managed by the configured contacts.
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Suitable Sectors

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  • Retail

  • Domiciliary Care

  • Education

  • Carehome worker

  • Nursery staff

  • Mobile security guard

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