ARC Monitoring

Our safety devices are monitored by Qvis Monitoring, the UK’s most Accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

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Being the most accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) means you are provided with the best levels of service and attention to detail, which is independently verified every year by the highest UK security regulatory bodies.


Qvis Monitoring delivers exceptional monitoring solutions, provides a seamless service and exceeds customers' expectations through continuous improvement, technology advancements and customer service.
All their facilities are resistant to both physical attack and power failures, and in the extremely unlikely event of a main system failure, they are still able to provide a continuous, uninterrupted backup service with their Remote off-site Category II ARC/RVRC.
Maximum importance is attached to data protection and confidentiality, coupled with an efficient response to all alarms and incidents; thereby ensuring peace of mind for you as an employer.

A team at the forefront of expertise

Qvis Monitoring has been assessed and satisfies the requirements of NSI Alarm Receiving Centres ARC GOLD Including product certification to: NSI SSQS 102, BS 5979:2007, BS 8418:2015 and BS 7858:2019 and management system certification to: BS EN ISO 9001:2015.
In line with the monitoring service requirements, Qvis Monitoring adhere to strict response times to ensure your employee is always being looked after. With an average response time for life or panic alarms of just three seconds, you can rest assured your lone worker is in safe hands.
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